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Rules – Hawick Horse Racing Association


Hawick Horse Racing Association


  1. All entries must be submitted, completed in full prior to the closing date and time. No late entries will be accepted unless under exceptional circumstances where the committee may allow entry provided evidence can be produced to support this request.
  2. At all times horses MUST be accompanied by a valid passport and if this cannot be produced when requested, the horse will NOT be allowed to run. At the Committee’s discretion, microchips will be checked against the accompanying passport. Anyone found to be presenting false or tampered with passports will be banned indefinitely from the Horse Racing Associations operating under these rules.
  3. It is at the discretion of the relevant committee, that if there are less than three entries, whether a race is run or not. In such circumstances, prize money may be subject to change.
  4. All Jockeys must have signed any relevant disclaimers and paid any registration fee as requested by each committee prior to riding at race meetings organised by said committee.
  5. The Handicap: - All weights will be based on an extended handicap system. Top weight shall be NO higher than 12 stone and bottom weight shall be 9 stone. Should any horses handicap mark exceed 12 stone, runners against such horse will have their handicap mark adjusted accordingly. The Handicapper, at his/her own discretion, may alter the weight of any horse after the declaration of the weights. All over weights shall be announced.
  6. Horses must be declared to run 30 minutes prior to race start time, and sent forward to parade ring 10 minutes prior to race start time. Punctuality will be strictly enforced. Failure to comply with these timescales may result in a horse being withdrawn from the race. Stewards must be informed if any delay arises and the reason the said delay, whereupon it will be at the committee’s discretion as to whether the horse in question is permitted to run.
  7. Permission must be sought from the stewards if any horse requires to be mounted on track, got to the start early of be led down to the start. Anyone standing on the course will be given instructions from the starter (which must be strictly adhered to). Any jockeys with difficult horses must follow the instructions of the starter.
  8. Horse will come under starters orders when the white flag is raised, all races will be started by white flag. Red flag is for recall purposes only.
  9. The starter has the authority to send any horse back to the paddock if its rider has disobeyed his orders, or causes any trouble or delay in starting a race, in such circumstances the race entry fee shall be forfeited by the owners and the offending rider shall be fined £40 and will not be allowed to race again until said fine has been paid.
  10. At the starters discretion, any horse failing to come forward will be given three opportunities at the start if a race, failing this they may be asked to return to the paddock (starters decision is final).
  11. Any Jockey found trying to “cheat the scales” shall be fined £40 and will not be allowed to race again until said fine has been paid.
  12. Any Jockey found guilty of dangerous riding or excessive use of the whip shall be fined £40 and will not be allowed to race again until said fine has been paid.
  13. Any Owner or Jockey using foul or abusive language or behaviour toward any committee member or race day official/volunteer (on the race course/outwit the race course/at a committee meeting) shall be fined £40 which must be paid before they may take part in any subsequent race. This type of behaviour will not be tolerated.
  14. All jockeys whose position in a race is first, second or third, must ride directly to the winners enclosure before unsaddling and proceed directly to the clerk of the scales, otherwise disqualification my occur. All jockeys must weigh out after the race.
  15. Should the committee deem that any horse has been deliberately stopped, the following penalty shall be imposed;
  • The horses subsequent handicap mark shall be increased with a 7lb weight penalty
  • The horses handicap mark shall not be reduced by 2lb as is the case for beaten horses
  • The owners may be issued with a fine at the committee’s discretion, the amount to be determined by the race day stewards
  • The Jockey of the horse deemed guilty shall be fined £70 and will not be allowed to race again until said fine has been paid.
  1. The Owner of Jockey of any horse participating in a race may lodge an official objection immediately after the race by attending the committee room whereupon they will be required to place in writing their reasons for objecting. Any objection will incur a £20 deposit, which will be returned if their objection is upheld or deemed to hold sufficient merit by the Stewards. This deposit shall be forfeited if the Stewards reject their objection or deem the objection to be frivolous.
  2. A complaint by any other person regarding the running merits of any horse shall follow the same guidelines as laid out above and shall require the same deposit to be made.
  3. The Stewards and Committee retain the right to investigate the running of any horse, in any race, at any time, whether an objection or complaint has been received or not.
  4. Any trophy presented to the winners of any races shall become the keepers responsibility. The loss of, or damage to any trophy or cup shall be at the winners expense. Winners are required to have any trophy/cup engraved with the winning horses name and pay any expenses incurred in doing so. All trophies must be returned at corresponding fixture the following season.

The Committee’s decision in all matters is Final